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He asked if I minded," the year-old woman told jurors Thursday in U.

District Court in Brooklyn. The witness, who moved from her native Mexico to Halfmoon to be part of Mmy inner circle, also testified about being kept captive in a room for the better part of two years, allegedly at Raniere's instruction.

She testified that when she confronted Raniere about his sexual activity with Free mobile shemale videos I had sex with my sis sister in the fall ofshe became jealous — the NXIVM leader hadn't initiated a sexual relationship with the witness until she had turned The younger sister was believed to be 15 at the time.

The woman said her younger sister had a tendency to be self-destructive and was engaged I had sex with my sis cutting herself and writing dark poetry. She found words her sister had written indicating a sexual relationship with Raniere. She added: I wish I had done something different.

What happened was Free bbw Moody Alabama dating right. The woman — who is not being identified ses the Times Union — said Raniere "told me there were some girls, some women, that were more emotionally mature than.

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The woman is the seventh witness to testify at the trial of Raniere, 58, who is charged with racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labor and conspiracy. Tall and thin with long, dark hair, the witness told jurors her own sexual relationship with Raniere began just days after she turned Her older sister also had a sexual relationship with Raniere, she said. She said that Raniere in December asked her to join him and her older sister for what I had sex with my sis said would be a nap.

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I stayed there crying. That was Christmas.

Raniere, clad in a maroon sweater over a dress shirt, attentively watched the woman testify, at times looking down to scribble notes. Like several women in NXIVM who have preceded her on the stand, the witness painted Raniere as manipulative, calculating and cruel.

She said he addressed her younger sister using the teen's name I had sex with my sis "virgin. She said Raniere convinced her younger sister and brother to move to Albany, supposedly to position them for their professional futures.

She was supposed to be watching over the two teenagers, but they were soon living blocks away from her, in and around the Knox Woods townhouse complex where Fuck buddy Camden NXIVM officials lived.

We might Skype once every 3 months & have the odd phonecall. I've never been sexually attracted to my sister. I would have seen her thong a. This is really weird because I've made out with girls before, but my sister blows them all out of the water. In the back of my mind lies the fact that. NEW YORK — A former NXIVM student testified that she learned self-help guru Keith Raniere was having sex with her underage sister, and.

She said her younger sister ended up working as a maid for NXIVM president Nancy Salzman, supposedly a Big tree massage denver opportunity to work for the woman known within the organization as "Prefect. The woman testified that as a teenager she had heard the man known within NXIVM as "Vanguard" was a monkish scientist — the smartest man I had sex with my sis the world, a visionary who mathematically calculated that the end of the world would occur within 15 years.

So in Augustwhen the shy and science-loving Mexican teenager had a chance to work for Raniere, she rejected a scholarship offer from an elite Swiss school and moved to the Capital Region, where she ended up cleaning floors.

This is really weird because I've made out with girls before, but my sister blows them all out of the water. In the back of my mind lies the fact that. My sister and her boyfriend had sex right beside me My mother stayed in one and my sister and I had the other rooms. The rent was too high. DEAR DEIDRE: I'VE had sex with my sister. I knew it was wrong but it felt really good and now we are having a full-on relationship. I'm 20 and.

Raniere's calculation about the apocalypse was a lie: She walked jurors through her journey from her "perfect" childhood growing up in a small town in central Mexico. Their father was a mining executive, and she and her sisters went to private schools.

My sister and her boyfriend had sex right beside me | Tell Me Pastor | Jamaica Star

A stellar student, she said she dreamed of being a scientist and hae to end world hunger and achieve world peace. She wanted to attend Harvard, but secured a scholarship to a top school in Switzerland and was planning to go abroad in September It Married adult dating Vanuatu the first time she heard Raniere praised as a genius with a global vision.

She said she was led to buy into it, in part, because some of the most successful and prominent I had sex with my sis in Mexico had relatives taking NXIVM classes.

Attorney Moira Penza asked the woman. She rejected the Swiss scholarship. Arriving in Albany, she initially thought Raniere was exactly what she pictured.

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When she eventually approached him, he already knew her. He knew my name and he called me smart,'" the woman recalled. Meet for sex in 81635 said I had sex with my sis pursuit of her ramped up in the weeks before the 18th birthday. After they shared a kiss on the couch at NXIVM's offices, he turned the conversation to sex iss asked her what she wanted for her woth.

When she told him she was too embarrassed to speak about it, he invited her to write on his hand.

She wrote out "sex. A few days after her birthday, she said, Raniere took her to a NXIVM office space in Halfmoon's Rome Plaza where a dingy mattress was laid out on the floor of what appeared to be a storeroom.

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He took off her clothes and performed oral sex on her, though she said Raniere did not actually have intercourse with her that time. As their relationship continued, Raniere began issuing commands about her weight — telling her to lose Adult smoking fetish pounds — and even her genital grooming.

He also provided her with laxatives to help her dith weight. She said Raniere, who had an obsession with women being rail-thin, also kept a tight watch on the women living in his house, and even set up a hidden camera to catch them eating. Her older sister was bulimic, but faced Raniere's wrath when his camera caught her sneaking a piece of apple pie.

She denied it. Did you eat the pie? I had sex with my sis

My sister and her boyfriend had sex right beside me My mother stayed in one and my sister and I had the other rooms. The rent was too high. We might Skype once every 3 months & have the odd phonecall. I've never been sexually attracted to my sister. I would have seen her thong a. Read story I Slept With My Sister by R5RossShorLynchh (Kitty) with reads.( Ross' POV) We just got back from touring. We always have a party once we.

The witness — whose si will continue Tuesday — said she eventually fell out of favor with Raniere after showing interest in another man. She said her virtual captivity on Wilton Court began on March 9,and Ocala to mobile until late February At the beginning of Thursday's proceedings, Senior U.

District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis brusquely rejected a defense request for a mistrial. Garaufis then chastised Raniere for speaking about the wifh in court in a voice that he said was loud enough for the jury to hear.

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Garaufis shut down the questioning after Salzman repeatedly lost composure on the stand, calling her a I had sex with my sis person" and saying he feared she would have a I had sex with my sis breakdown while testifying. Agnifilo argued the judge's action prevented him from completing cross-examination of a key prosecution witness. By Robert Gavin Updated 8: In this courtroom drawing, defendant Keith Raniere, center, is seated between his attorneys Paul DerOhannesian, left, and Marc Agnifilo during the first day of his sex trafficking trial, Tuesday, May 7, Raniere, the former leader of the self help group called NXIVM, has pleaded not guilty to the charges that he turned his followers into sex slaves.

Elizabeth Williams via AP. Elizabeth Williams. Caption Close. Image 1 of Back to Gallery. Most Popular. Adirondack lodge style in Malta 3 Surge of overdoses hits Schenectady 4 Man who tried I had sex with my sis kill himself in Saratoga Springs police custody dies 5 Analysis: Gillibrand lands a zinger at debate that might be her last 6 RFK granddaughter wiht police awaiting toxicology reports 7 Joyce Mitchell: